Trigger Point Pilates II

A trio of classes to help release & restore your mind & body from stress & tension.

Make sure you are hydrated & after your session you rehydrate with water. These classes can be your go-too when you just need some me time You will need a long roller or bath towel rolled up to lay on & two trigger point balls or tennis balls.

In any classes I use the Hog then this can be supplemented by a cushion or pillow instead. All these classes can be carried out without the use of equipment.

Disclaimer: Please make sure you are in full health & aware that you are participating of your own free will. These videos are unedited & live streamed for members of BodyCore Pilates Wirral by Amanda Fryer-Harris.

TPP with Roller & TP Balls

Triggerpoint Pilates

Trigger Point Pilates

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