Pilates for Beginners

A seven-day progressive beginner Pilates programme

Day 1, Rest position & body scanning

Rest position is a fundimental position & for many can be challenging. Props needed are a towel & flat surface with mat or towel or just the floor!

Day 2. Shoulder bridge & buttock (glute) awareness

Day 2 is about more movement. Listen to your body as you move & just take your time. Start with the buttock squeezes & just progress in your own time. Repetitions are 8 to 10 max.

Day 3. Head nod, chest lift (Ab prep)

Today we are learning to move from shoulders & raise the chest so really beginning to activate the abdominal muscles as well as the back muscles. This can be challanging for the neck so do rest if you feel any preasure in the neck area. This all takes time so be patient. Enjoy & see you tomorrow.

Day 4. Table top (All four point position) moving into Swimmer.Knees blow hips & Wrists below shoulders.

Tuck & tilt in all four point position. Unloads the spine & lovely during pregnancy. (feel the movement in your pelvis & lover back) from there just watch the tutorial & get the brain connecting with the move.

Day 5. Full leg pull prone prep (The long arm plank)

Take your time. This is an all over body move & uses everywhere including your brain. Go through it step by step & feel your strength improve. Remember once you master this move correctly we can really move on…. Ps If you don’t feel it you’re not doing this move correctly.

Day 6. Time to start pushing forward & being aware of muscles being used. Password is the same Bodycore 🙂

Today is more lateral (outside muscles) & general outside muscle strength, think waist & shoulders. Give the move a go & let me know how you get on x

Day 7. You have commited to 7 days of Pilates. Be proud. Commiting to anything is hard work!

Today we take all we have worked on & see how we feel with our bodies upright in space. We just play with general movement throughout the spine & do some simple moves. Baby steps is the way forward. Pat yourself on the back & lets get ready for our next challange!! x

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