Pilates with small equipment

It is important to know why we use equipment and how it can help...

In Your Pilates session there is a variety of small equipment we can use to help with your posture and positioning, as well as to intensify our levels once perfect technique is attained. We are all individuals and as we know our posture is dictated mainly by our lifestyle.Whilst going about our daily activities be it work or leisure time we can all fall into bad postural habits!

Very often once a neutral spine and correct body alignment is found, for many this can feel most uncomfortable, due to the fact we have trained the body (without realizing it) to become imbalanced. We can get this balance back, with time and body awareness and generally being made aware of these bad habits.

So we have the use of blocks which can be used under the head for correct cervical alignment and also for general support during different moves. The blocks i use have been especially made for correct alignment and are Eco friendly. I also use pelvic stability blocks which can be placed between the knees to maintain pelvic alignment during moves eg The shoulder bridge as well as a good focus point to concentrate on whist executing certain moves, equipment very often helps with you body awareness.

I also use different sized flexi bands to help with moves and stretches, we all have our own individual levels of strength,flexibility and mobility. Alot can be genetic but again alot can be down to the bad postural habits we pick up over the years. So the flexi bands can really help. These bands can also be used to add intensity too our moves, adding resistance.

The pilates soft ball can be used again for support and as a focus point, however it can significantly challenge the core in more advanced sessions. As soon as you take away that nice stable base (the floor) muscles really do become challenged to maintain neutral and correct body lines. This does add to the fun of your pilates class as don’t forget we are doing pilates to enjoy ourselves & feel better body and mind!! It does not all need to be serious stuff!!!!

The spiky ball is used more so as a therapy ball, sounds painful?? Its not! the spiky ball is used to loosen and stimulate soft tissue and aid the circulatory system. Lovely on the soles of the feet, shoulders, lower (lumber)back area and even on the neck area. They are also used by many physiotherapists and massage therapists.

I have included some pictures of the Pilates with small equipment used in our sessions. Every individual has the option to use them in class or not, it is entirely up to the participant!

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