Beginner Pilates

Beginner Pilates

Ever caught your reflection in the shop window or a mirror then thought in horror “is that me?” stooped over, hunched shoulders, you know what I mean. This can all be corrected within the workshop & you take home a newfound knowledge of your own body, your strengths your weaknesses & from there you work on them with our help. Pilates is a lifestyle of discipline & not just practised when in class.      

Well, our beginner’s workshop is for you, these workshops are loved by everyone & by the end of the workshop, we will have assessed your posture & movement throughout the sessions,  if you decide you want to join the studio then we can find the class most suited to you.

Your investment for this 2-hour workshop is just £27 & I can guarantee by the end of your workshop you will be feeling very different from when you walked in. I can not wait to meet you on Saturday the 28th of January, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm to help get you stronger, more mobile, balanced & feeling healthier.


One Time Payment